Bosun Shred

Bosun ShredBOSUN SHRED is the ship’s inflictor of punishments and pain. He maintains discipline through the crack of his whip, and his signature lash has often proven fatal. He can tell ye a thousand tales of his adventures, and he will… whether ye ask him to or not! His favorite past-times are wenching, drinking, and wenching.


TED SHRED is Hollywood’s number one fire breather, as well as being a Stunt Coordinator, extreme-themed Event Designer and exotic Animal Trainer.  He is a Ringmaster for the world renowned L.A. Circus and his own Vamphear Circus, where he performs as a fire manipulator, bullwhip artist, knife thrower, and escape artist.  He has appeared in many commercials, television shows such as CSI: New York, Carnivàle, The Ghost Whisperer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, According to Jim, Cold Case, and a few of the films he’s been in include Coyote Ugly (Fire Coordinator), Charlie’s Angels, Stigmata, Boogie Nights, Big Fat Liar, Forbidden Warrior, and more!  He also portrayed a motorcycle gang leader in the popular video game Road Rash 3-D.