Delphine Charles

DelphineDaughter of a French Nobleman and a Haitian Slave, DELPHINE CHARLES fled from a life of servitude as a young girl and found refuge with the Maroons, a free people made up of escaped slaves and the native Arawak peoples.  After adopting the cultural practice of Vodou, Delphine took on a great importance to her new family.  However, the life of a Maroon was a struggle for survival, thus she jumped at the chance to serve aboard a Pirate vessel to gain wealth for not only herself, but her wayward people.




Delphine Delphine Delphine Delphine Delphine Delphine Delphine Delphine & 'Riah Graves Delphine & Charlotte Drake Delphine with Clíodhna & Violetta