Halloween Pirate Party

Halloween Pirate Party, Pirate Halloween Events

Its not to late to plan an amazing Halloween Pirate Party.

Your Halloween pirate parties are just not for kids, even though we do cater to families and have created events in the past for Nickelodeon. But we are very well known, even famous for our Adult Pirate Soirees Like the infamous Palos Verdes Pirate Soiree, The Wounded Warrior Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion to name a few.

We can provide our bodied painted bar staff as well as pole dancers, our original creation the Snake Bar complete with an 18 to 20 foot live python, our computer mapping and projections, our pirate shadow boxes complete with vixens, Alligators, Monkeys, Parrots, and many more exotic live animals, our high end pirate decor ranging from ship wrecks, taverns, bohemian, and gypsy themed. We have pirate themed variety entertainment like Magic, Dancer Belly/Gypsy, Bands, DJ’s, Jugglers, sideshow to cirque style acts all pirated out, and not to forget our Award Winning Pirate sword fights and skits to wow everyone. We offer also lighting, sound, trussing, staging, LED Dance Floors and regular dance floors, LED Furniture, Casino Games, Pirate Photo ops, and The Pirate Virtual Reality Interactive Experience. We even have a Pirate Version of the Mechanical Bull bit it is a Mechanical Great White Shark. For all your Halloween Pirate Party needs.

Keep us in mind for all things Great and Pirate!

We are “Pirates For Hire”…