Kitty Lynch

KITTY LYNCH, the illegitimate daughter of the Governor of Dublin, spent years servin’ grog to sloppy, liquor-sodden pirates in an Irish pub.  After the tavern she was working in burnt to the ground, Kitty left the familiar streets of Dublin, eventually turning to a life of piracy in search of treasure and the world’s finest jewels. Kitty can hold her whiskey, but still gets warped when she gets into the rum. Even then, she still manages to pull of quite a dance when it comes to sword fighting.  She may be small, but with her quick feet and skills with the blade, she can take down any pirate twice her size.

KIM DONOVAN is a trained dancer and actress. She is graduated from iO West’s long-form improv training program, and has a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Central Florida, and a minor in Creative Writing. At Universal Studios Orlando theme park, she portrayed various characters performing in several shows and held duties as a Dance Captain. A lifelong fan of Horror, she worked as an actor at the former year-‘round haunted attractions Terror on Church Street and Skull Kingdom in Orlando, as well as New York City’s Jekyll and Hyde Club and Blood Manor.  She once graced the cover of Fright Times Magazine as a vampire, and also appeared in Fangoria magazine as well. She has worked on feature films and television shows such as Sex and the City, 500 Days of Summer, Gossip Girl, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Grey’s Anatomy, and was once poisoned to death on Medium.



Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch Kitty Lynch with Davy Jones Kitty Lynch & Charlotte Drake Kitty, Violetta, & Jacquline with Captain Jack Kitty, Victoria, Norma, Charlotte & Rebecca with Captain Morgan Kitty Lynch with fellow Lady Pirates