Mr. Bilger

Mr. BilgerMR. BILGER hails from a mysterious island in the Atlantic where he was found as a child by a band of cannibals. Although feral and emaciated, the tribe soon fattened him up. Once, when he was caught plundering a nearby town, the villagers tried to hang him, but he was too big. The noose broke and he ran away. He’s carried that noose ever since as a souvenir. His other weapons of choice are a scimitar, an axe, and his personal favorite… grenades. Mr. Bilger is always a blast at parties.


ADAM ALLEE has been seen in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and on the Blu-Ray version of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, in the extra Liar’s Dice, as well as episodes of television shows such as The Shield and My name is Earl. He also appeared in a television commercial and a print campaign for Absolut Vodka, which included billboards, posters, and magazines.



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Mr. Bilger in "The Adventures of Young Jack Sparrow" Mr. Bilger in a G-Tech Commercial Mr. Bilger in "Encounter"